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Project title: Intrusive thoughts and paranoia

Primary supervisor: Dr Georgina Rowse

Co-supervisor/s: Dr Lisa-Marie Emerson

Project description: Intrusive thoughts pop into the mind seemingly unbidden; some of them can be distressing and lead to unhelpful coping. These kinds of thoughts are a common experience for people who experience obsessive-compulsive problems. However, little is known about the experience of such thoughts in individuals who experience paranoia. This PhD topic will begin exploratory work into the field of paranoia and intrusive thoughts, investigating the experience of these thoughts in non-clinical, sub-clinical and clinical samples. The research is likely to include the consideration of various aspects of cognition, coping, affect and behaviour. The relationship between these factors and the onset, maintenance and exacerbation of experience of paranoia could be explored. It is hoped this programme of research will have both theoretical and clinical implications.

Formal enquiries should be addressed to: Dr Georgina Rowse (g.rowse@sheffield.ac.uk)

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