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Project title: Neurovascular coupling and ageing

Primary supervisor: Dr Clare Howarth

Co-supervisor/s: Dr Jason Berwick

Project description: Neurovascular coupling is the mechanism which links a change in neuronal activity to a local change in blood flow in the brain. This phenomenon ensures that active neurons receive the energy (in the form of glucose and oxygen) that they require to function normally. It is known that during aging brain blood flow responses (e.g. to an increase in CO2) are altered. We will combine measurements of blood flow, neuronal activity and intracellular calcium transients with pharmacological manipulations to investigate what underlies age-related changes in brain blood flow.

Formal enquiries should be addressed to: Dr Clare Howarth (c.howarth@sheffield.ac.uk) or Dr Jason Berwick (j.berwick@sheffield.ac.uk)

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