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Project title: Self-compassion, health, and adjustment to long-term health conditions

Primary supervisor: Dr Fuschia Sirois

Co-supervisor/s: Dr Georgina Rowse

Project description: Current theory indicates that the self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness components of self-compassion can foster adaptive responses to the perceived setbacks and shortcomings that people experience in the context of living with a chronic illness. A growing evidence base also indicates that self-compassion is associated with more frequent practice of health-promoting behaviours in healthy populations. Yet research on self-compassion in relation to health has been examined primarily within non-medical populations.
This PhD project will aim to increase understanding of the health benefits of self-compassion in the context of chronic illness and other long-term health conditions by examining the processes linking dispositional and induced self-compassion to coping, the practice of health-promoting behaviours, and responses to physical symptoms.
Suggested readings:
Pinto-Gouveia, J., Duarte, C., Matos, M., & Frįguas, S. (2014). The Protective Role of Self-compassion in Relation to Psychopathology Symptoms and Quality of Life in Chronic Illness and in Cancer Patients. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 21(4), 311-323. doi:10.1002/cpp.1838
Sirois, F. M., & Rowse, G. (2016). The role of self-compassion in chronic illness care. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management, 23, 521-527. http://www.turner-white.com/pdf/jcom_nov16_compassion.pdf
Sirois, F. M., Molnar, D. S., & Hirsch, J. K. (2015). Self-compassion, stress, and coping in the context of chronic illness. Self and Identity, 1-14. doi:10.1080/15298868.2014.996249

Formal enquiries should be addressed to: Dr Fuschia Sirois (f.sirois@sheffield.ac.uk) or Dr Georgina Rowse (g.rowse@sheffield.ac.uk)

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