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Project title: Solidarity in social movements: Antecedents and consequences of high-status groupsí participation in social justice efforts

Primary supervisor: Dr Aarti Iyer

Project description: Social movements typically seek to achieve justice or equality for a low-status group (e.g., women or ethnic minorities). Participation in such movements is rarely limited to members of the low-status group. Rather, members of high-status groups (e.g., men or White people) may act in solidarity with the movement to help achieve its goals. This project explores the antecedents of such political participation: when and why will high-status groups choose to join such social justice efforts? The project also examines the consequences of such solidarity, with respect to perceptions of the high-status group participants (e.g., as legitimate protesters or imposters), potential problems created for the social movement (e.g., marginalization of low-status group members), and the overall effectiveness of the social movement.

Formal enquiries should be addressed to: Dr Aarti Iyer (a.iyer@sheffield.ac.uk)

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