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Project title: All aspects of food marketing to children and its effects on children\\\'s diet and obesity

Primary supervisor: Dr Mark Blades

Project description: Childhood obesity is a major problem in the West, and is a developing problem in
other countries. Childhood obesity, and related health problems, has been
linked to the extensive marketing of unhealthy food to children. Research in
this area can consider a number of approaches to this topic. For example, does
food advertising in new media (like the Internet) have more or less effect on
children\\\\\\\'s health then traditional television advertising? At what age do
children recognize and understand the marketing messages in food
advertisements? Are children aware of marketing techniques like product
placement, or viral messages? Does recognizing a particular marketing approach
lessen the effect of that marketing or not? When do children realize that food
advertising is for the benefit of the manufacturer and not for the benefit of
the consumer?

Formal enquiries should be addressed to: Dr Mark Blades (m.blades@sheffield.ac.uk)

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